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Rich reporting features

Web-based Data Accessibility and Reporting

The HRST provides HIPAA compliant, population-wide monitoring and oversight capability on a wide variety of critical health and behavior issues in a real time, web-based format. The online system has a powerful reporting suite that allows for data trending, health tracking and retrospective analysis. These reports have been used to provide information to CMS, state legislators, the Department of Justice and Quality Improvement organizations.

A large amount of diverse health data is gathered by answering Yes/No questions of 22 rating items. There are over a hundred data points that are gathered during a screening. These are all stored in the system and can be accessed, filtered and used to produce real-time statistical reports.

The graph below is an example of an HRST report that utilizes the ratings information on consumers in the online system. It shows the Health Care Level distribution for a specific population of an entire state—approximately 14,000 individuals.


Additional Reporting Capabilities

Health screening information as well as demographics, diagnoses, medical conditions, medications and provider information are stored in a HIPAA compliant, online database. All of this information can be directly accessed, filtered and used by authorized individuals to produce aggregate reports on a variety of health and behavior issues. The HRST reports show real-time data and are produced in seconds.

For instance, an administrator or nurse can see how many and which individuals:

  • Have a high health risk and if due primarily to behaviors or physiological conditions
  • Are receiving certain medications, i.e., psychotropic, bowel, seizure, etc.
  • Require lifting equipment
  • Have feeding tubes
  • Had bowel trouble in the past year
  • Use a ventilator
  • Have been physically restrained in the past year
  • Went to the ER and/or hospital in the past year
  • Require 1:1 staffing due to behavioral issues
  • Have gotten better or worse over the rating periods

…And much more.

Below is an example of a web-based report. It shows Individuals on Three or More Psychotropic Medications. This report is on the application menu and can be run at any time. It can also be generated as a PDF or Excel spreadsheet. (Note: the below example does not show actual individual data.)


By moving the cursor over any wedge in the chart and selecting it, one can drill down and see a list of the applicable individuals along with demographics and other related information.

The HRST includes a suite of ninety-plus spreadsheet reports available from the application menu. Customized or ad hoc reports can be created if the needed information is not already available from the Reports menu. Once a report is created it is placed on the menu and can be run again and again.

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