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PCT Training: Person-Centered Services with a mindful approach.

Embrace person-centered services and enhance the quality of life of those you support.
Our Person Centered Planning Training is designed to help you approach support from a more holistic angle, with person-centered practices that respect the autonomy of those with intellectual and developmental disabilities while providing them with the highest possible level of care.
Our PCT Trainers have over 40 combined years of person-centered training and service experience. Give your staff the training they need to provide better, more effective person-centered support.

Live Two-Day Person-Centered Thinking Training

What are Person-Centered Practices (PCP)?

Person-Centered Practices represent the ideal methodology of delivering services and supports that respects the person’s autonomy and promotes a life of their own choosing in their own community.

Whether it is because of a disability from birth, accident, or just the aging process at some point we may all need support from others. However, this can lead to a loss of positive control or autonomy in our lives.  Person Centered Practices helps ensure the person remains the focus of these supports. In any circumstance, we all want to retain our autonomy.  We want a life of our choosing, lived out in a place of our choosing, surrounded with people of our choosing.

Person Centered Practices are rooted in Person-Centered Thinking (PCT) which helps others to gain and keep a positive and correct response to the person. It promotes the all-important balance of what is Important TO and FOR the person.

And remember, person-centeredness is not just for those with IDD. It is applicable to anyone who for any reason has lost ownership or positive control over their lives. This could be because of an acquired disability, accident, the aging process and so on. When supports are needed from others, person-centered approaches help ensure the person stays in control of their life as much as possible. 

What is Person-Centered Thinking Training (PCT Training)?

Changing how we think is essential to achieving Person-Centered Practices. If people are going to gain or regain positive control over their lives, then those supporting the person need to have a person-centered approach and mindset.  This begins with how we think.

Person-Centered Thinking is the foundational mindset that enables those who support others to deliver services that are organized and consistent with Person Centered Practices.

Person-Centered Thinking Training is a two (2) day, live and interactive training that helps attendees to reorient themselves to that mindset and in this way achieve outcomes consistent with Person-Centered Practices.


Improve The Quality of Life

  • Balancing personal choice with personal responsibility by establishing and maintaining things that are important to the person with things that are important for the person
  • Being integrated in one’s community so that the person is known and respected for her or his contributions.
  • Being respectfully communicated with as a person, using language consistent with being a typical adult as opposed to using clinical or system language
  • Receiving support that is consistent so that new staff and others know and respect the person’s values and choices, as well as how others can help the person.
  • Being matches with staff, housemates, or others that the person making life more enjoyable.

Learn to: Listen through observation and discover what others admire about the person, all while revealing what is important to the person, and who would be best suited to support the person.

Learn to: Problem solve and manage conflict, as well as organize and share important information quickly with new staff thus reducing anxiety and increasing efficiency for everyone.

Learn to: Understand other’s role and responsibility in the person’s life as well as how to best match people with staff and housemates.

Meet Our Trainers

Our trainers and mentors are credentialed through The Learning Community for Person-Centered Practices (TLCPCP) and receive PCT Mentor supervised training 4-8 times per year to ensure consistency and best practice.

Patrick has over 15 years working in the field of Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities. He has extensive experience in case management, project oversight, and is a certified AAIDD Supports Intensity Scale Specialist. He is presently a Person-Centered Practices Mentor by The Learning Community for Person-Centered Practices. He is currently a Client Services Representative and a Person Centered Thinking supervisor for HRS Inc.


Patrick Lane

PCT Mentor & Trainer

Johnathon has nearly 18 years working the field of Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities. For many years he was the Vice President of Operations for a large case management company in Georgia. Concurrently he worked as a Supports Intensity Scale Senior Trainer with AAIDD working in both the US and Canada. He is a certified Person Centered Thinking Trainer by The Learning Community for Person-Centered Practices. He is currently the Senior Director of Operations for HRS.


Johnathon Crumley

PCT Trainer

Deb has over 20 years as a Registered Nurse working with vulnerable populations, including those with Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities, Mental Illness, and Aging. She is an Certified Developmental Disabilities Nurse and a Registered Nurse Trainer for the state of Illinois. She has been a member of DDNA for 14 years and served as the president of Central IL DDNA for 10 years. She is currently the Clinical Services Manager for HRS.


Debra Davis

PCT Trainer

Stacey Ramirez has over 20+ years of advocacy experience in the disability community. In 2017 the Georgia governor signed into law, HB343, a bill she introduced to replace the harmful term “mental retardation” with the respectful term intellectual disabilities. Currently, she is a board member for the Georgia Learning Community, Georgia Association of People Supporting Employment First (GaAPSE), and DisAbility LINK (DLINK) – a Center for Independent Living and a credentialed Person-Centered Thinking trainer with HRS. Stacey is the State Director for The Arc Georgia, but most importantly, the mother of three young men – one of whom has autism.


Stacey Ramirez

PCT Trainer

David has nearly 16 years of experience working in the field of Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities. He has worked both at the provider level and the state level as a training and project manager for GA Department of Behavioral Health and Developmental Disabilities (DBHDD). David has experience in transition initiatives for those moving from institutional to community settings and also worked as a SIS interviewer for many years. He is a certified Person Centered Thinking Trainer by The Learning Community for Person-Centered Practices. He is currently the Lead Southeast Service Rep for HRS.


David Toback

PCT Trainer

Who is The Learning Community for Person-Centered Practices?

The Learning Community for Person-Centered Practices (TLCPCP) is a collaborative of agencies, companies, states, and individuals who come together to ensure best practices in Person Centered Practices as well as resources such as curriculum, education, conferences, group discussions, and celebrations.

Health Risk Screening is a part of this collaborative, offering and receiving information on best practices and resources.


Frequently Asked Questions

PCT Training takes 12 hours over 2 days and is a live training experience.

Yes. The Learning Community Curriculum is consistent with CMS Person-Centered Standards.

Thinking is an essential pre-requisite to successful planning or facilitation. Without the right mindset, writing and implementing Person-Centered plans and practices will be ineffective no matter the planning product.

HRS provides all the materials for this turn-key service. Clients are only responsible for finding an acceptable meeting space with tables, chairs, and wall-space for chart paper. Clients may also wish to provide coffee and/or other refreshments.

Yes. HRS offers ongoing support for all who have fully completed the 2-Day PCT Training by HRS through Response time is within 24hours.

Yes. HRS offers a certificate of completion with a unique identifier number and font though The Learning Community for Person-Centered Practices. This record is also kept electronically.

Yes. The PCT Training works effectively to support all kinds of PCT planning resources such as: Facilitation Planning, Maps, Profiles, Life-Course and others.

Person-Centered Credentialing Services by HRS

Contact us today for more information on becoming credentialed through HRS in any of these Person-Centered Services. 

Person-Centered Thinking Trainer Credentialing

Receive your PCT Trainer credentialing through HRS. Trainer-Candidates who have met requirements are credentialed in pairs over a 4-6-month period. Upon completion, credentialed trainers may offer the two (2) day live PCT Training. HRS also offers ongoing support to ensure Trainers maintain their credentials.

Prerequisites: have fully participated in the two (2) day live PCT Training, have the support of their agency or employer, must have lived experience with the target audience, be committed to the credentialing process, be familiar with and commit to TLCPCP’s Mission, Vision, and Plan, and successfully complete HRS’ Interview and Screening.

Mentor Credentialing

Receive your PCT Mentor credentialing through HRS. Mentor-Candidates who have met requirements are credentialed individually over a 4-6-month period with support from two established PCT Mentors. Upon completion they may credential Trainers. HRS also offers ongoing support and interaction to ensure Mentors maintain credentials and best practice.

Prerequisites: Must be a credentialed PCT Trainer for two (2) years in good standing with TLCPCP, has been training the two (2) day course regularly (at least three (3) times per year), be endorsed by  PCT Mentor-Trainer, have had training in Person-Centered Planning, attended a Gathering at least once in the past two years, have the support of their agency or employer, and successfully complete HRS’ Interview and Screening.

Person-Centered Coach Credentialing

Receive your PC Coach Credentialing through HRS. Coach-Candidates who have met requirements are credentialed over a 6-8 month period. Credentialed PCT Coaches provide local support to staff to develop and implement Person-Centered Plans, as well as offer support as subject matter experts to state and agency leaders. This leads to a better more satisfying planning process building partnership between the person who is supported and the people who provide support.

Prerequisite: Successful completion of the 2-day Person-Centered Thinking Training.

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