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About Health Risk Screening, Inc.

Health Risk Screening, Inc. is the sole developer, producer and distributor of the web-based Health Risk Screening Tool. The web-based HRST is not resold or distributed by any other company other than Health Risk Screening, Inc.  All related services of the HRST including technical support, clinical support and training are provided exclusively by HRS, Inc.

The HRST is a proprietary instrument and the intellectual property of Karen Green McGowan, Founder of Health Risk Screening, Inc.

Mission Statement:

To assist vulnerable persons to achieve a health status and quality of life comparable to that of the population at large.

Our Purposes:

    • To broadly provide service and educational intervention to assist in the prevention of preventable morbidity and mortality


    • To broadly implement a process of surveillance that provides early identification of health destabilization


    • To identify individuals who require professional interventions beyond those required by a community of persons without special needs


    • To educate families and service providers about the health and behavioral interventions required by vulnerable individuals


    • To provide service administrators the knowledge, tools and systems to monitor the effectiveness of health care services


    • To assist government agencies and service providers in establishing equitable allocation of resources to those they serve


    • To assist government agencies and service providers to reduce costs related to health care of those under their care


    • To prevent unnecessary or overuse of medications


    • To free individuals from restrictive services, interventions and settings they do not need or want

About the Founder, Karen Green McGowan, RN, CDDN

Karen Green McGowan began her career in nursing in 1963 when she graduated from Methodist Hospital School (now college) of Nursing in Omaha, Nebraska. She joined the United States Air Force and served as a labor and delivery nurse at Malmstrom AFB in Great Falls, Montana.

Karen’s career in the field of Developmental and Intellectual Disabilities began at Glenwood State Hospital School, in Glenwood, Iowa, beginning in 1965. She moved into the community in 1972 bringing more than 60 children out of Nebraska’s Beatrice State Home into the community over the next several years.

Karen’s specialty has been with persons labeled medically complex, often labeled (without justification) with profound and severe intellectual disability. She has been a clinical nurse consultant since 1977 and provided technical assistance to more than 40 states and 9 Canadian provinces. She has also served as a technical consultant to the Disability Rights International organization and assisted in assessing needs of physically and mentally challenged persons in Romania, Serbia, the Republic of Georgia, Mexico and the Ukraine.

Ms. McGowan also served as an Expert Witness in a number of class action, right to treatment court cases, specifically in Louisiana, Alabama, Pennsylvania, Nebraska, North Dakota and New York among others. She has authored a number of training manuals for clinicians such as nurses, physicians, therapists and direct care professionals, particularly in the area of Physical and Nutritional Management.

In 1992, while working as part of a federal review panel, she became the lead developer of the Health Risk Screening Tool (formerly known as the Physical Status Review), which has become an industry leader in identifying and managing health risks in vulnerable populations.

On January 1, 2015 she assumed the presidency of the Developmental Disabilities Nurses Association (national) and has since retired this position.

Health Risk Screening, Inc. Founders

Karen Green McGowan, RN, CDDN
Eric Green, BCS, SCJP

Executive Team

Rob Refo – Senior Director of Business Development
Dr. Craig Escudé – President
Johnathon Crumley – Senior Director of Operations
Gina Kugler – Senior Director of Administration
Larry Polnicky – Director of Information Technology
Sherry Neal RN/CDDN – Clinical Director


  • Rob Refo
    Senior Director of
    Business Development

  • Johnathon Crumley
    Senior Director
    of Operations

  • Gina Kugler
    Senior Director
    of Administration
  •  width=
    Dr. Craig Escudé

  • Larry Polnicky
    Director of Information

  • Sherry Neal RN/CDDN
    Clinical Director

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